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FOX FUTURE represents a major investment in support of both Los Angeles production and Century City business.

Fox Presents

The Next Modern Studio

The Vision

Nestled within Century City’s iconic high rises is a storied filming destination responsible for some of the world’s most unforgettable entertainment. Through the productions that have been brought to life on the FOX Studio Lot, families witnessed a Miracle on 34th Street, the world fell in love with the Sound of Music, the fourth major American television network was launched, live sports broadcasting was revolutionized, and FOX viewers gained an insatiably mischievous kid brother named Bart Simpson and so much more.

Now, nearly 100 years since filming began on the FOX Studio Lot, the new Fox Corporation, which was established in 2019, is seeking to create the studio of the future amidst the continued evolution of Century City, one of the most prestigious business districts in all of Los Angeles. Given the stunning growth in global entertainment production over the last decade and the company’s long-term strategy, FOX has thoughtfully planned and prepared for the future, ensuring that LA remains the capital of the global entertainment industry.

Net New Sound Stages
Combined Total Net New Jobs (Direct + Indirect) Countywide
In Economic Impact
In Revenues Over 30 Years
FOX FUTURE FOX Studio Lot Masked Singer
FOX FUTURE A Unique LEED-Platinum Headquartering
FOX FUTURE Nine Net New Sound Stages.
FOX FUTURE helps meet the demand for sound stages in the city and creates entertainment jobs vital to keeping production in Los Angeles.
FOX FUTURE LEED-Platinum Media Campus Office

Community Voices

Fox's planned investment in new studio infrastructure could not have come at a more critical time... Giving the green light to new stage builds will tip hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy…This is a "space race" we cannot afford to lose."

Paul AudleyPresident, FilmLA

Fox’s plans will encourage job growth, revenue for local businesses, and ensure that the entertainment industry remains a vital part of LA's economy.”

Nancy WoodPresident & CEO, Century City Chamber of Commerce

We are excited to work with them on their Master Plan, cementing the future of the entertainment industry right here in Southern California."

Stephan DavisIBEW Local 40, Business Manager/Financial Secretary

Having worked in the film industry for more than 30 years, I am well aware that FOX’s bold investment in production infrastructure at the historic FOX Studio Lot will help Los Angeles remain the global leader in film and television production.”

Ruth VitaleCEO, CreativeFuture

This project will provide new career opportunities for the community and also create more jobs to keep Hollywood in Southern California."

LiUNA! Local 724

BizFed ... is proud to work with FOX to advance projects and policies that continue attracting creative capital and world-class talent to the Greater Los Angeles region."

Tracy HernandezFounding CEO, BizFed

FOX’s innovative investment in studio infrastructure creates thousands of jobs, supports small businesses, and ensures that the entertainment industry remains a vital part of LA's economy.”

Stuart WaldmanPresident, VICA

This investment will be a great step in supporting a thriving Industry and employment of our members in Los Angeles.”