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FOX FUTURE Investing in Community, Investing in Each Other
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Investing In Community

Investing in Community, Investing in Each Other

FOX has a long history of engaging with the community and remains committed to working with our neighbors, local residents, elected officials, and area stakeholders because we know we all succeed together.

We are proud of our work within the community including:

Donating throughout
Los Angeles

  • Donating 3.9 tons of prepared unserved food to local food banks and non-profits.
  • Donating over 16 tons of lumber, clothing, office supplies, and furniture from the FOX Studio Lot.
  • Supporting the American Red Cross in Los Angeles with an annual donation of $500,000.
  • Contributing $1 million in COVID relief to the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles.
  • Donating $100,000 to U.S. VETS used for meal services and the refurbishment of their Inglewood Career Center.
  • Contributing $100,000 to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
  • Supporting the Downtown Women’s Center.

Investing in Children
and Students

  • Launching FOX for Students and supporting 13 individual LAUSD schools, both those near the studio lot and throughout the district – which provides select students with the resources they need to pursue their interests and passions in the arts, creativity, and storytelling.
  • Supporting Cheviot Hills Recreation Center and Palms Park by providing summer camp gear.
  • Replacing turf in two batting cages for the Cheviot Hills Pony Baseball Association.
  • Sponsored the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s Backpack Program to provide fresh food all school year long to two schools in the Los Angeles Unified and Compton Unified School Districts.

Supporting our
Local Community

  • Financial and clothing donations to West LA Homeless, a non-profit providing dedicated outreach workers for the unhoused population in our community.
  • Meal donations to the VA campus in West LA.
  • Providing toys and hot dogs for the Century Glen HOA Halloween block party.
  • Planting parkway trees in Cheviot Hills.
  • Hosting Movie Night in the Park three times a year at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center.
  • Sponsoring the Pick Pico community fair and select Century City Chamber of Commerce events.
  • Organizing watch parties for Women’s World Cup games in the summers of 2019 and 2023.

Matching Employee Donations in Los Angeles

  • Donating more than $200,000 in matching donations
  • Supporting 175 organizations

Community Voices

Fox's planned investment in new studio infrastructure could not have come at a more critical time. Over the last half-decade, California has lagged its closest rivals in new sound stage construction. Modern studios have the physical size, and advanced technology needed to support the production of today’s blockbuster feature films. And while LA has more purpose-built stages than any other City, many were built to the standards of a different filmmaking era.

Giving the green light to new stage builds will tip hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy, first creating new jobs in the construction and building trades, and later new opportunities in film and digital media. The Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) estimates that saying “yes” to new studio development will create thousands of middle-class jobs. This is a "space race" we cannot afford to lose.

Paul AudleyPresident, FilmLA

Century City was developed from the back lot of 20th Century Fox Studios over 60 years ago and has evolved into one of the most preeminent neighborhoods where people work, live, shop, dine, and visit.

Fox has been a tremendous partner to the community in and around Century City for many decades. The Century City Chamber of Commerce supports Fox’s plans to develop the studio lot’s infrastructure. Fox’s plans will encourage job growth, revenue for local businesses, and ensure that the entertainment industry remains a vital part of LA's economy.

Nancy WoodPresident and CEO, Century City Chamber of Commerce

The film and television industry supports more than 500,000 jobs and is responsible for more than $30 billion in wages in California. Having worked in the film industry for more than 30 years, I am well aware that FOX’s bold investment in production infrastructure at the historic FOX Studio Lot will help Los Angeles remain the global leader in film and television production.

Ruth VitaleCEO, CreativeFuture

Talent and infrastructure drive our creative economy and the small businesses it sustains. FOX has invested in people and studios for nearly a century, spurring the growth of iconic domestic brands such as FOX Sports, FOX Entertainment and FOX News that support thousands of jobs. BizFed's massive alliance of diverse business organizations is proud to work with FOX to advance projects and policies that continue attracting creative capital and world-class talent to the Greater Los Angeles region.

Tracy HernandezFounding CEO, Los Angeles County Business Federation “BizFed”

IBEW Local 40 is celebrating 100 years this year, and Fox has been a trusted partner since its inception. Fox has provided thousands of good paying jobs, and has been a pillar of the community. We are excited to work with them on their Master Plan, cementing the future of the entertainment industry right here in Southern California. This project will provide our communities and industry with good paying jobs both during the construction phases, and once it is completed.

Stephan DavisBusiness Manager / Financial Secretary, IBEW Local 40

For nearly a century FOX has been a world leader in film and television. As President of VICA, I've worked with FOX to ensure that Los Angeles continues to be the creative capital of the world. FOX’s innovative investment in studio infrastructure creates thousands of jobs, supports small businesses, and ensures that the entertainment industry remains a vital part of LA's economy.

Stuart WaldmanPresident, VICA

FOX is a global leader in entertainment; I applaud their commitment to keeping Los Angeles as the entertainment capital of the world. By investing in innovative solutions to expand its studio infrastructure, FOX will support small businesses, sustain LA's economy, and create good union-paying jobs for all Angelenos. Their investment in people and studios has spurred the growth of iconic domestic brands. I am proud to support projects and policies that protect jobs to continue to attract creative capital and world-class talent to the Greater Los Angeles region.

Mark GonzalezDemocratic Party Chair, Los Angeles County

FOX has been a major supporter of U.S.VETS and our mission to end homelessness among veterans in LA and across the nation. We look forward to many more years of partnership with a company that’s committed to using its broad platform and resources to support our troops, veterans, and the communities they live in.

Stephen J. PeckPresident and CEO, MSW, U.S.VETS, USMC ’68 – ’71

As the Chair of the California Republican Party, I am committed to promoting business investment in our state that will drive economic growth, create jobs, attract talent, and make us more competitive. That is why I support FOX's planned investment in studio infrastructure at their historic LA lot. For nearly a century, FOX has invested in talent and expanded beyond entertainment, bringing us iconic brands such as Fox Sports and Fox News. Their commitment and further investment will continue to be a driver of prosperity and well-being for California.

Jessica Millan PattersonChairwoman, CAGOP

By supporting the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, FOX has made a difference in the lives of children and families all over Los Angeles County who might have otherwise gone hungry. We look forward to this ongoing partnership so that we can continue to reach our neighbors in need.

Michael FloodPresident and CEO, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

The film and television industry provides thousands of jobs for Teamsters Local 399 members across the Los Angeles area. The news of FOX’s plans to grow and expand through the Master Plan process with the city is one we fully stand behind. This investment will be a great step in supporting a thriving Industry and employment of our members in Los Angeles.


LiUNA! Local 724 has been in partnership with the Fox Lot for close to 90 years. Throughout the years Fox has provided thousands of great union jobs that have had a life changing experience for many people in the surrounding communities. That is why LiUNA! supports the new expansion plan. This project will provide new career opportunities for the community and also create more jobs to keep Hollywood in Southern California.

LiUNA! Local 724

Fox Future will create thousands of quality construction jobs for Carpenters in Los Angeles. By committing to a strong union workforce, Fox has shown their dedication to improving the community by supporting middle class families in the construction industry. We are proud to support Fox Future.

Frank HawkExecutive Secretary-Treasurer/CEO, Western States Regional Council of Carpenters

For even more information on FOX giving and community outreach, please see our Corporate Social Responsibility Report to discover the breadth and depth of our commitment as corporate citizens to issues of sustainability, social justice, and community engagement.

Responsibility Report