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FOX FUTURE is our long-term plan to secure this important studio property. It represents a major investment in support of both Los Angeles production and Century City business that will:

  • Build new and needed multi-media sound stages, post-production facilities, basecamps, and media campus office to respond to changing technologies and increased demand in film and television production.
  • Create thousands of jobs throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.
  • Produce a unique headquartering and general office opportunity for Century City, one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after business districts.
  • Honor the significant legacy of this historic property.
  • Advance sustainability on the Lot.
  • Invest in West Los Angeles transit solutions and will further activate the much-anticipated Metro D-Line when it opens to Century City in 2025.

To learn more, take a tour of our conceptual plan or read about the plan here.

Who owns the property?

The FOX Studio Lot is owned by the Fox Corporation. While Disney is now a major tenant on the lot following the sale of select 21st Century Fox assets conducted in 2019, FOX retained exclusive ownership of the studio lot.

Where is the property located?

The FOX Studio Lot is a 53-acre property located in Century City. It is bordered by Olympic Boulevard to the north, FOX Hills Drive to the west, Pico Boulevard to the south, and Avenue of the Stars to the east.

Will there be new production space, sound stages?

FOX FUTURE is a major investment in production in Los Angeles. On top of new pre- and post-production spaces, defined basecamps, and media campus style offices, the project constructs 13 state-of-the-art soundstages, for nine net new sound stages, bringing the lot’s sound stage total to 24.

Will a traffic study be prepared?

FOX FUTURE is at the very beginning of a comprehensive review process. Transportation will be thoroughly studied as part of that process, consistent with State and City requirements.

Who works at the FOX Studio Lot?

As with every major film studio in Los Angeles, multiple studio and production companies are current tenants of the studio lot.  Along with FOX productions, such as FOX Sports and FOX NFL Sunday, which film on the lot, dozens of other global content producers regularly use production facilities here including Disney, the lot’s largest tenant. With FOX FUTURE, and its investment in sound stages and pre- and post-production facilities, we increase studio offerings for FOX and the entire entertainment industry.

What is the approval process?

FOX FUTURE is at the very beginning of a comprehensive review and approval process. To learn more about the steps involved in the review and approval process, please visit our project timeline.

When will construction start and what is the expected length of the construction period?

FOX FUTURE is our multi-year plan to secure the future of the FOX Studio Lot. It is important to note, construction will not be authorized to begin until completion of the public hearing and approval process. At that point construction would be conducted in phases based on market conditions.

Why now?

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and we continue to see the demand for sound stages grow.  After the Disney transaction and the establishment of the new Fox Corporation in 2019, FOX looked at the lot holistically, considered the stunning growth in entertainment production over the last decade, considered Century City’s role as one of the most important and in-demand business districts in all of Los Angeles, and created a plan to transform the site for the future and to improve this important filming destination.

By beginning work now, we ensure this important studio property is competitive for decades, encourage production to stay in Los Angeles knowing that additional state-of-the-art sound stages will be supported, and help ensure Century City remains one of the most important economic centers in Los Angeles for years to come.

How can the community be kept informed of project milestones?

If you would like to learn more about FOX FUTURE, please sign up here. This will allow us to inform you about project milestones as well as future information opportunities.


FOX FUTURE is at the very beginning of a comprehensive environmental review and public hearing process with the City and there will be many opportunities throughout the process to comment and share your thoughts. We look forward to reaching out into the community and to share more about this exciting project directly with you.

Application Filed with the City
Completed March 2023
Notice of Preparation Issued
February 14, 2024
Scoping Meeting
February 28, 2024
Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Released by the City
Final EIR Released by the City
City Hearing Officer Hearing
City Planning Commission Hearing
LA City Council Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Hearing
LA City Council Hearing