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FOX FUTURE represents an $1.5 Billion investment in Century City business and the entertainment industry which serves as an economic engine for all of Los Angeles. This project helps meet the demand for sound stages in the city and creates entertainment jobs vital to keeping production in Los Angeles as well as good-paying construction jobs and additional jobs throughout the city and county.

  • Nine Net New Sound Stages
  • $1.5 Billion investment in the entertainment industry and Century City business
  • 8,787 net new direct and indirect jobs countywide
  • 4,761 jobs in the City of Los Angeles
  • $9 million in net new annual revenue to the City
  • $384 million in revenue to the City over 30 years which will help fund public services

$20+ Million in Transit Improvements

Over $20+ million in Transportation Improvement and Mitigation Fees which focus on West Los Angeles specific improvements.