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FOX FUTURE is FOX’s long-term plan to secure the Studio Lot
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FOX Future

Plan Benefits

FOX FUTURE is FOX’s long-term plan to secure the Studio Lot. It represents a major investment in support of both Los Angeles production and Century City business.  FOX FUTURE will:

  • Build new and needed production infrastructure with multi-media sound stages, post-production facilities, basecamps, and a media campus office to respond to changing technologies and increased demand in film and television production.
  • Maintain thousands of existing jobs and create new jobs throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.
  • Produce a unique headquartering and general office opportunity for Century City.
  • Honor the significant legacy of this historic property.
  • Advance sustainability on the lot with two new LEED-Platinum office buildings and other sustainability measures.
  • Invest more than $20+ million in West Los Angeles transit solutions and further activate the much-anticipated Metro D-Line when it opens to Century City in 2025.

FOX Future Conceptual Plan

FOX FUTURE Conceptual Plan
  • 13 new modern sound stages will be constructed, replacing four dated stages. This will bring the total stages on the lot from 15 to 24.
  • Defined production basecamps integrated into production spaces to improve overall efficiency on the studio lot.
  • Pre- and post-production specialty space.
  • New Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-Platinum media campus office.
  • New LEED-Platinum Avenue of the Stars headquartering and general office opportunity with a new plaza that activates the pedestrian experience.
  • Facility support.
  • New and upgraded vehicular and pedestrian gates that will provide direct access to Avenue of the Stars and Olympic Boulevard to support major transit connections, including prioritizing and further activating the Metro D-line extension.
  • Enhanced connections to surrounding community and businesses with convenient and improved pedestrian uses.

Plan Elements

Additional New and Modern Sound Stages

The way we make movies and television has fundamentally changed over the last century and new technologies are introduced every day to continue the evolution of the industry. More so, Los Angeles continues to struggle to meet the demand for sound stages which is a key factor driving production out of the region.

With FOX FUTURE, FOX will construct 13 new state-of-the-art sound stages and replace four dated stages on the lot. The result is nine net new stages. These stages will help the region meet the demand for production and will be designed with the modern film, television, and content creator in mind.


Defined Production Basecamp Spaces

Modern film and television relies on both sound stages and location shoots to create compelling storytelling. To streamline this process, production space incorporates basecamps where talent, lighting, prop, costume, and additional trailers can be placed near sound stages and then quickly loaded and brought to locations as needed. FOX FUTURE optimizes basecamps and improves overall efficiency.

FOX FUTURE Additional New and Modern Sound Stages

Pre- and Post-Production Support Spaces

Creating defining entertainment requires thousands of skilled professionals and artisans. From pre- to post-production, every step and every role is integral to a production’s ultimate success. The plan adds new specialty and technical production spaces including but not limited to:

  • Editing bays
  • Production and design workshops
  • Film storage
  • Media marketing, merchandising and promotion facilities
  • Recording facilities
FOX FUTURE Pre- and Post-Production Support Spaces.

LEED-Platinum Media Campus Office

Film, television, and multi-media production is both creative and collaborative. The plan invests in sustainable media campus office to support FOX Studio Lot operations. Located on the lot along Olympic Boulevard, near the new access point, the 24- floor building will focus on creating collaborative open spaces, shared and private offices, all designed specifically with film and television production in mind.

FOX FUTURE LEED-Platinum Media Campus Office

A Unique LEED-Platinum Headquartering and General Office Opportunity for Century City

Century City is one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious economic centers, attracting and headquartering large corporations, entertainment giants, midsize companies, and emerging entrepreneurs across various fields, all within steps of premium retail, dining, hotels, and public transit.  In Century City today, particularly along Avenue of the Stars, there are few opportunities for new construction and all the while, office occupancy rates remain the highest in Los Angeles.

With FOX FUTURE, FOX would transform a northeast portion of the lot along Avenue of the Stars into a world-class, LEED-Platinum building with 35 floors of office above seven floors of parking. The building would allow for both direct connection to the studio and entirely independent first-class office space with easy access to transit, helping meet the long-term demand for class-A office space in Century City.

This truly unique opportunity could support:

  • FOX Studio Lot direct office needs.
  • Third party production companies working on the studio lot.
  • FOX and FOX affiliated companies.
  • Independent businesses, startups, and large companies seeking high-end office spaces with an Avenue of the Stars address, a rare opportunity today.
  • Major companies looking to design and oversee construction of their headquartering spaces.
FOX FUTURE A Unique LEED-Platinum Headquartering and General Office Opportunity for Century City

World Class Design with RIOS

Internationally recognized, Los Angeles-based architectural and design firm RIOS, is the designer of the FOX FUTURE studio lot master plan. RIOS has extensive expertise across studio platforms, profound local understanding, and an international reputation for working beyond boundaries to amplify the impact of design. RIOS’ work has been recognized all over the world, including awards from Los Angeles Business Council, American Society of Landscape Architects, American Institute of Architects – Los Angeles, Houston, and San Diego, International Interior Design Association, and many more.


Transit Oriented Investment

FOX FUTURE is a truly transit-oriented plan, committed to investing in transportation solutions designed to improve conditions within the West Los Angeles area. The transportation improvement program is based on the comprehensive evaluation of key intersections, corridors, and associated residential neighborhoods within an approximately 25 square mile area. It will include the allocation of more than $20 million towards the implementation of improvements within West Los Angeles, as identified under the West Los Angeles Transportation Improvement Mitigation Program (WLA TIMP).

Transportation improvements are focused on key areas:

FOX FUTURE Activating the D-Line’s Potential with New Office and Studio Jobs

Activating the D-Line’s Potential with New Office and Studio Jobs

  • Connecting major employment centers to transit is key to managing transportation issues in Los Angeles. The highly anticipated extension of the Metro D-line will connect Century City to downtown via train. This is a well-travelled corridor in Los Angeles and will help get many individual drivers off the road altogether. FOX will achieve this through enhanced transit subsidies for employees and contractors and support for bike share programs.
FOX FUTURE Improving Multi-Modal Enhancements.

Improving Multi-Modal Enhancements

FOX FUTURE is committed to the reduction of single-occupancy vehicle trips and associated Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), as well as the improved connectivity to multi-modal and/or regional transit facilities such as the coming Century City D-Line extension.

The Project would:

  • Implement integrated mobility facilities throughout the studio lot to encourage employees to use regional transit.
  • Provide a new signalized entrance along Olympic Boulevard.
  • Modify the existing entrances to enhance multi-modal connectivity.
  • Improve safety for employees and visitors to the site, including the addition of a traffic signal at the existing Avenue of the Stars entrance.
FOX FUTURE public transportation collage

Employing Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategies

FOX FUTURE would implement an effective and robust TDM Program which would expand on successful TDM strategies currently in operation on the FOX Studio Lot. It will also take advantage of the key multi-modal and/or regional transit facilities within the area such as the future Metro D-Line (Purple) Century City/Constellation Station.

At a minimum, the TDM Program would include (but not necessarily be limited to) the following strategies:

  • TDM Coordination & Mobility Management
  • Integrated Mobility Facilities & Transit Displays
  • Enhanced Wayfinding
  • Encouragement Programs to inspire employees to forego single driver trips
  • Bike Parking & Changing/Shower/Locker Facilities
  • Guaranteed Return Trip
  • HOV Parking & HOV Programs

Investing in Transportation Systems Management (TSM) Improvements

The Project would fund and/or install comprehensive TSM improvements along key corridors such as Pico Boulevard, Olympic Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Avenue of the Stars, and Overland Avenue.

The improvements, could include (but not necessarily be limited to) the following:

  • CCTV Cameras & Video Detection Systems
  • Fiber Optic Cable Upgrades & Advanced Detector Loops
  • Signal Timing Adjustments & Lane Configuration Modifications
  • Pedestrian Signal & Crosswalk Safety Enhancements
  • Signage & Striping Enhancements

Neighborhood Traffic Management Plans

FOX is committed to working with LADOT and the adjacent community to identify neighborhood traffic management improvements to address the concerns of local stakeholders and to evaluate and implement traffic calming measures that have been shown to reduce and/or eliminate residential neighborhood cut-through traffic, such as the following:

  • Stop Signs/Speed Signs
  • Speed Humps/Speed Tables
  • Roadway Striping Modifications/Roadway Narrowing
  • New Sidewalks/Pedestrian Amenities/Crosswalks
  • Turn Restrictions/Signal Timing Adjustments
  • Traffic Circles/Traffic Diverters/Cul-de-sacs

Contributing More than $20 million to the West Los Angeles TIMP Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) Fee Program

The Project would support the implementation of additional transportation improvements within West Los Angeles, as identified under the WLA TIMP Active Modes, Transit, Roadway & Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and Auto-Trip Reduction categories, via direct contributions to the WLA TIMP TIA Fee Program.  The total fee contribution is currently estimated to be more than $20M.

Sustainability for Today and Tomorrow

FOX has a strong commitment to sustainability. Today on the lot, FOX continues to take steps to reduce carbon emissions, pursue clean energy, responsibly dispose of waste.

Currently on the FOX Studio Lot we:

  • Utilize solar panels on the lot and solar-powered generators for field crews reporting daily and breaking news coverage for local FOX News Media and FOX TV Stations.
  • Provide vehicle-charging ports for employees and visitors to use on the FOX Studio Lot.
  • Added smart water dispensers and replaced more than 13,000 square feet of lawn with artificial turf to cut water consumption by 6,000 gallons a year.
  • Implemented new waste management initiatives helping to divert waste by 26% from 2020 to 2021.
FOX FUTURE Sustainability for Today and Tomorrow

As part of the project, we are committed to furthering our sustainability efforts in meaningful ways. With FOX FUTURE, we will employ green building techniques throughout including:

  • Designing to LEED-Platinum Standards – Both the media campus office and the AOS general office buildings will be designed to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-Platinum standards which is the highest green standard achievable.
  • Utilizing Low Carbon Materials – that are recycled and reclaimed where possible.
  • Minimizing Water Consumption – by employing sitewide permeable surfaces, high efficiency faucets, and irrigation.
  • Employing New Building Recycled Water Systems – for green roofs.
  • Utilizing Climate Adapted Planting – with native and drought tolerant replacements that require low water use and create biodiverse habitats and passive cooling.
  • Implementing Green Walls – for vertical landscaping to cool stages and west facing microclimates.
  • Painting Cool Surfaces – so that pedestrian pathways are finished with high solar reflecting paint to help reduce heat island effect.

Respecting the Lot’s Legacy

The FOX Studio Lot has played an important role in the history of film and television and that impact will be honored as part of the project. Even today, work independent of FOX FUTURE was recently completed to secure the legacy of the FOX Studio Lot, including:

Upgrading the Famous New York Street

New York Street has been showcased in hundreds of film and television productions, representing many different neighborhoods and cities around the world, and remains a sought-after location. But the facades that made up New York Street weathered over the years in the outdoor elements, endured innumerable alterations to meet the design needs of filmmakers, and were at the end of the life-cycle for an exterior wooden structure.

As a result, FOX recently undertook a major replacement operation to provide new facades that are now available to filmmakers for decades to come. Using modern building techniques, the facades feature the latest production tools, including built-in rigging. Throughout the project, the FOX Studio Lot team worked diligently and successfully with its neighbors and building trades to ensure a smooth process. New York Street was completed in 2023 and showcases FOX’s commitment to the studio property and its neighbors.

FOX FUTURE - FOX Studio Lot New York Street
FOX FUTURE Upgrading the Famous New York Street.

Honoring and Safeguarding Iconic Buildings and Stages

Many of the most recognizable buildings and stages associated with the FOX Studio Lot were originally constructed in the 1920s and 30s. Recently, in response to earthquake studies, the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) determined that non-ductile concrete buildings that predate 1976 would need to be identified. Fourteen of these buildings have been identified on the studio lot.

To preserve these important buildings FOX is engaging a top-tier structural consulting engineer to conduct conceptual seismic analyses including even more robust performance seismic analysis for such important buildings as Stages 1 – 4.  These analyses will allow the FOX Studio Lot to best preserve such places as the iconic Newman Scoring Stage – one of the largest and oldest in the industry.

These analyses are currently underway, and when finished, the FOX Studio Lot team will be able to best understand how to preserve and protect these important buildings.

FOX FUTURE Honoring and Safeguarding Iconic Buildings and Stages.
FOX FUTURE Honoring and Safeguarding Iconic Buildings and Stages.

With FOX FUTURE, FOX will continue to preserve the Historic District and update the Historic Preservation Plan focused on:

  • Painstakingly relocating four buildings noted for their historic character to ensure they remain fixtures on the studio lot.
  • Maintaining 45 identified historic contributors.
  • Developing guidelines for proper rehabilitation of contributing buildings and guidelines for compatible new construction.
  • Protecting specific architectural character-defining features within the framework of our Historic Preservation Plan.
  • Retaining a qualified preservation professional to ensure new construction is compatible with the Historic District to protect integrity.
  • Ensuring removed buildings are documented in accordance with Historic American Building Survey (HABS) guidelines and standards. The process will be managed by a qualified historic preservation professional and will include collection of an historic narrative, existing drawings and plans, and photographs of the property.
  • Preserving the famed FOX Lot Commissary, believed to be one of the oldest studio commissaries still in operation today.

Neighborhood Improvements

FOX FUTURE results in surrounding improvements that will benefit Century City residents and stakeholders and includes:

  • New and updated sidewalks in select locations around the project site.
  • A more pedestrian-activated Avenue of the Stars.
  • Public wayfinding information to help FOX Studio employees, visitors, area employees, and residents locate and utilize public transit options.
  • Updated plantings for site beautification that utilize drought tolerant plants site wide.
  • Contributions to Neighborhood Traffic Management plans which could focus on meaningful neighborhood improvements including:
    • New stop sign and speed sign installation.
    • Speed humps and speed tables to slow traffic.
    • New turn restrictions where beneficial for safety.
    • Activating the Metro D-line.
FOX FUTURE A Unique LEED-Platinum Headquartering and General Office Opportunity for Century City